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The Story Of Dean

Bought from a breeder at a very young age he called his master’s home as his own ever since he opened his eyes. His owners fed him, cleaned him and showed him off to their friends and relatives. Everyone was in awe with his beauty, everyone wanted to touch him, wanted to play with him. He was very happy, very comfortable and safe at him home. But as the months went by, something changed. Him owners stopped loving him, stopped giving him food and eventually kicked him out. The home he opened him eyes to wasn’t his home anymore. He howled and banged at the gates, but nobody opened the door. Every time He saw him owners he jumped towards them, but he was greeted with silence. They behaved as if he didn’t exist for them. He didn’t know how to live on the streets. He didn’t know how to find food. Once upon a time He was treated like a prince with soft blankets for bed and high quality dog treats for food. He now had to sleep on the side of the road in dust. This is the story of Dean.

We understand people not being bothered to help the street dogs, as they have been surviving in the streets, living off of garbage and filth. But what we don’t understand is how can a person buy a very expensively priced dog, teach it to depend on a human for everything and then abandon it after they can no longer take care of it? You have made a decision to choose that dog as you pet. If you hadn’t chosen it, maybe it would have gotten a better life with somebody else. But you gave it all the love and care and now you think simply leaving it on the street is okay?

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