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A Second Chance At Walking.

When you are a dog living on the streets, it is already a difficult life. You do not know when your next meal is going to be, you have to face all sorts of unimaginable abuse. It becomes worse when you cannot move the lower half of your body. Nobody can picture how it must be to live a life like that, dragging your body everywhere in the rough concrete, bleeding through the skin.

We share many stories of Hit & Run that has been reported to us. Some dogs suffer from broken limbs, and some have to get their legs amputated. The worst cases are the ones, who become paralyzed because some human was driving pretending to be in an action movie, racing through the streets. We have many dogs living with us in the shelter that had to go through the same trauma.

When we have a bad day, we think we have the worst life, but look at these guys. They went through hell and came back smiling. These guys give us so much hope. When we take them for a walk, in their mini wheelchairs, they are so much faster than any healthy dog it is unbelievable. They now live happily, but our heart aches knowing nobody will adopt them. Wish we could find a family for them.

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