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Goodbye March, Hello April!

This month has been a very eventful one for us here at Sneha's Care. With daily rescue missions throughout the valley, to spaying, we have been quite occupied! This month, we started the project of spaying, and with our objective of reaching a 1000 dogs, we have already spayed more than 130!

Talking about our rescue missions; with 173 cases reported this month; 80 cases were treated on the spot which included; 37 reported cases of Sickness, 4 Cases of Distemper, 26 cases of skin disease which mostly consisted of 13 cases of Mange were treated. The most serious 46 cases, were brought back to the shelter, which included, 24 Cases of CTVT and 67 Hit & Run cases.

Thank you to everyone who aided us in helping the voiceless. We greatly appreciate all the action takers, who have been reporting to us, and patiently waiting for our arrival. We would also like to thank the selfless people who have been taking care of all the animals in their community. We would also like to show our deepest gratitude to our donors. Our only hope is to decrease these data this month, which is only possible if people are more willing to support. If you see any animal in danger, please help them, by reporting it to the concerned authorities or even saying with the animal while help arrives. Take it to the nearest vet if it is a minor injury. A small step can make a big difference.

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