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Will you make a difference in animal's life?

JJack was deserted at the street of Swayambhu to die with this slashed wound on his right front thigh. We mean how can someone be too mean to abandon this playful boy. He used to sit at a corner traumatized by his painful past and recalling the good old days with his so-called owner. His wound would repeatedly get infested with maggot. There was no other way than to suture his wound. He experienced a painful surgery but it's unbelievable to see his quick recovery. It was November 7th, 2017 when he entered our shelter and in a matter of two months his horrible wound is healed. Now, he never misses a chance to smitten us by his friendly gesture in just a second.

Yes, it's you who can make difference in the life of street dogs. Will you show kindness to the animals?


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