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My miserable story

I am just 3 months old puppy. But the pain I have endured in this short span of life is not as tiny as I am. Born on the street of Harisiddhi, Lalitpur with my other siblings, I was happily playing around with them.

But I had never imagined that somebody would pause the joy of my life instantly. A vehicle ran through one of my hind limbs. The pain of being crushed over on the paw of my right hind limbs is unbearable despite the fact that I have been bearing this calmly. Broken bones can be easily seen through my wound. It had been 3 days when I was lying on the floor with dry grasses when a lady named Nirmala Thapa Malla saw me and informed an organization.

Few organizations had denied taking my case. But Sneha's Care came as an angel in my life. They took me to the shelter where I can see other dogs equally suffering as I am. The doctor did my dressing yesterday. He came to a conclusion that I have to be x-rayed and operated.


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