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Matted fur in my body

I now feel that living a beautiful life as a dog is next to impossible. One moment I got enormous joy and the very next moment I was abandoned in the street to die. Lack of care of my fur developed disastrous dreadlock. Not only this but I also have wounds on my back. It's terrible to live a life like this. I also had the desire to live in a family and get all the love. But those dreams shattered all at once when my owners threw me out of their house. I don't understand why did they show me hope to live with them when that was a temporary joy. I was roaming around the street of Dhumbarahi in the same manner when the popular singer, Mr. Swapnil Sharma of "The Shadows Nepal" encountered me in the wretched condition. He saw no hope of me to recover on the street. So, he contacted Sneha's Care. The team came in and rescued me to give me new life. I am now at the shelter getting adequate care and treatment. I was given a bath today and some medicines. I have a hope to recover quickly.


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