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It is rather late than never

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra" by Jimmy Johnson. Yes, these are an exceptional group of students from St. Xavier's College, Maitighar. They visited us on 1st December 2017 for showering love to our kids. These enthusiastic group of boys and girls saved every penny possible out of their pocket money and bought Shampoos and Sacks for our furry friends. Their kind heart led them to be among the group of distinct students. It's the determined group of students like them who will prove to be the true leaders of the country in the days to come. They not only donated us the necessary items but also spent quality time with our kiddos. They took few of our dogs for a walk outside the shelter and even helped us feed our doggies. They left an imprint of affection on our voiceless friends. We would like to thank them for their quality time and dedication and wish them a happy and bright future ahead. It is rather late than never. When you try helping an animal in need, you will automatically feel the difference.


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