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We hope to win her trust

Who would claim a dog for their own and mistreat them in such a horrifying way? This dog had not been taken care of for years. When we found her, her hair had grown so long that she was almost unrecognisable as a dog. The owner must have been a cruel and evil person to have let her deteriorate into this sickly sorry state. She must have been in such pain and discomfort we can't begin to imagine what she was going through. We had to remove an extremely abnormal amount of excess fur which was matted together with dirt from the streets and congealed blood from wounds and sores she had acquired over months or even years. Unsurprisingly she fears people very much and often becomes anxious when approached. Our hope is that she will come to trust us over time, or better still find her a loving home with a family that can give her the life she’s never known.

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