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Is it a sin to be born on a street?

I don't have any protection at all. Maybe being small is a problem, so that big dog's attacks merely on me and I cannot do anything on defense. That dog bites me on my neck first. The wound was not healed properly and again a few days later bites on my leg. The pain is intense, and I was shivering in pain. A kind man, Andronicus Pradhan saw me trembling in agony. He took me to a place full of dogs, and that area turned out to be Sneha's Care where I am now under treatment. Eagerly waiting to recover soon so that I could get a good home. I don't want to be released in the street and suffer again. Please adopt me, and I promise you, I will be a good pet for you.

If you believe animal like us deserve a better life, will you please help Sneha's Care continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given necessary medical treatment.

Donate today.

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