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Buddy from Dhobichaur

I was unnoticed for days even when my wound produced fowl smell. Itchiness and tickling sensation on my ear and daily itching the ear was driving me mad. But who would notice me in this selfish world? After all I am tagged as Stray. Finally a day came and I was rescued by Sneha's Care from Dhobichaur, Kathmandu where I was ignored since a long time. At first I got aggressive at them. After all, I was agitating in pain and no person ever tried to gave me a soft touch of love and joy in life. But the team who rescued me are different, they are doing proper line of treatment and I even get yummy food to relief my hunger and water to quench my thirst. Its painful but yes, I have a hope to get well soon.

Do you want to assist me in my treatment?

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