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Lovely Coco

I used to respond to the name Happy. Yeah, I was a Jolly kid for two years with a family who shopped and reared me just because I was a handsome looking guy. In fact they gave me all the happiness on earth.But all that lavish life fell off one day. Unfortunately, my hair started falling off and I started puking everything I ate. I became burden on them and I was taken to clinic. Sadly, the so called owner asked the Doctor to euthanize me as I turned useless thing to them. What was my fault? I never barked nor bite anyone. Neither did I tore up their socks and shoes.

To my surprise, the doctor referred them to take me to Sneha's Care. At least I am safe here. Though I missed those time spent with them, I have habituated myself in the shelter with other mates. I have started showing recovery sign as I stopped to vomit. Yes, I am slowly regrowing my hair. Even a new name, Coco is given to me as the lovely people here didn't know my name. After two months when my owner knew that I have recovered from the stage they left me, my owner came but I was so surprised that they weren't here to take me with them instead they abandoned me forever. I had high hope on them but they didn't even hold me to know my situation. Its when they left the shelter, I came to know that they have abandoned me forever leaving me to cry. Actually its my fault to expect from the people who were not by my side during my bad times to take me back. No worries, I have good people from Sneha's Care who are there by my side not only in my happiness but also during my hard times.

I am sure i will find a good home for myself. Anyone willing to adopt me?

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