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Meet Chulbuli

Chulbuli is as playful and naughty as her name is. She was rescued back in June. Sabir ji and Rusha ji brought her to us when they found her leg with wound infront of hospital in Chabahil, Kathmandu. She was restless and she couldn't stand on her own when brought to us. She had agitating pain in one of her limbs due to which she couldn't stand on her own. We felt pity on her and prayed her to recover soon. Now after months of treatment, she is fine and she roams around the shelter fearlessly and plays with every furry in her ever charming way. She is admirable and amiable. We all love her.

She needs a home and a family who would make her feel happy and loved giving her all the attention she deserves. Don't shop, adopt.

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