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Pain of Swollen face

Isn't it painful when your face gets swollen or lets say just a part of your body is swollen? How gut-wrenching it would have been for this furry! She was hit by a vehicle few days back and she is deeply suffering since then. She was taken to some other organization by Mr Denish KC but the organization denied to help her further. So, Mr. KC brought her to our shelter hoping for a new life of her. Her mouth is swollen and she looks extremely scared and uncomfortable. The swollen mouth of her is extremely agonizing even to observe. Puss and fluid were taken by our vet from her swollen mouth. She still looks in uneasy condition. We so hope for her to have a normal life again.

Please be kind to the four-footed. Its our responsibility not to hurt them. Let's join our hands together to help the street dogs. Donate today.

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