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Yet another hit and run case

He was lying in bushes when our team reached Chamati, Sovabhagwati bridge. His back part is not working aand he cannot even crawl.As per the report Mr.Ganesh, this furry was hit by a ruthless truck driver who ran away after hurting this poor life.Such a shameless person! At least, he could have taken this agonized creature to animal hospital. But no, he didn't bother to know the situation of the virtuous furry who was hit by him. Our team reachedthe spot and rescued this ill stared furry and brought him to shelter. Our doctor examined his situation and found that his hind limb is fractured. We feel sorry for his condition and hope him recover really quick.

But this ill fated furry has to go under surgery for his treatment right on time. The cost for his surgery is around $ 97.74 . Anybody willing to support his pinning surgery and give him a new life can donate for the cause.

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