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Happy news!

Can you believe how I look now observing my old picture? I am all healthy and happy at the same time. Lice, ticks and fleas doesn't irritate me like it used to before I was treated by Team Sneha's. The poor Sanu with hanging earlobe nearly about to fall off is now pretty and charming. Only thing that I lack is my left earlobe.

I am not an abnormal dog. I am playful and healthy and enjoy playing around with friends and people around me. I also deserve to be adopted by a family. I am not a breed dog but yes, I am loyal, cute and friendly.

Right now the shelter is full of 150+ dogs, a bird and a calf and new dogs who are desperately in need of rescue treatment are not getting a chance to get daily treatment at the shelter. If only I am adopted, an unhealthy dog who deserve to be in the shelter more that I do could take up my place. I swear I won't disturb your sleep nor hide your shoes and socks. Don't shop, adopt.

If you want to see more miracles happen in other street dogs donate today.

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