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My name is Khusbu. I was really happy to be visited by these wonderful guys from Sneha's care. The food that i had forgotten the taste of, the water that i had lost the thirst for and the bath that i had never done from the day i was born, they all are experienced by me since few days. These guys took me to their shelter and have been feeding me lots of food to eat, gallons of water to drink and a refreshing bath which also eased the pain that I am having from the disease i have. I am suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, as well as this skin disease that irritates me like crazy... But this guys are solving most of problems.... I even made some new friends here... Thank you Sneha's care for allowing me to have a place in your home and also for everything that I am getting from here....

Khusbu was found at such stage with her stomach almost glued to her stomach at street of Mangalbazar, Patan by our team member three days back. One will loose his control and cry if seen Khusbul at such a wretched condition. She is suffering from the disease of her skin because of which she lost all of her skin.... We are treating her with what we could help with. We are hopeful in providing her a new life and let her turn pretty. Help us help her rejoice a new life by sponsoring her treatment. Donate today.

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