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Children of today are the future of tomorrow

Taking this fact into consideration Mr. Dilip Tamang and Miss Natasha Khadka who run Tiny Hands brought to us beautiful children to visit us. Tiny Hands is an organization which looks after the innocent children and works for their welfare. The main motive of their visit was to make these children experience how Sneha's Care works and teach them to love the furry friends.

In the beginning, children were scared of the dogs but ultimately as they spent more time with our furry, they were at ease. Our doggies loved to have these children around them and are happy to see those beautiful faces. The motive of shelter visit of Tiny Hands is achieved at the end of the day and we are pleased to make these small children understand how our organization runs and to love and care the voiceless.

We always have quality time when we have a visitor to our shelter. You may as well visit us by taking some time out of your busy schedule and play with our furry friends.

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