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This case got us in tears

Chill ran through our spine and tears flowed down our eyes when we encountered such a case. We are speechless in describing this case.Most of the times, stray animals find themselves in life-threatening situations where the injuries they sustain are so grisly that it become hard to imagine how much have they gone through. But what to do ill-fated furry have suffering since ages and we have seen even worst case than this. Medication, proper diet and love and support is all we can give them.

This 3 years old furry was found with maggot-filled head wounds at Swayambhu by Tashi who reported us the case. Poor life is also dehydrated. We brought him to the shelter and flushed out many maggots and nasty stuff he had. He was given antibiotic and other essential medicine. The wound is deep and he has been suffering a lot. Dog fight being the reason behind this, he is in extreme agony.

If not we then who will help him get healed?

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