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Where is humanity?

There is thin line between how people behave and what they show. On one hand, they worship cow as the national animal of Nepal and on the other hand abandon the bull after his birth. Okay abandon him but who gave you right to mess with the life of a bull? If you are just pretending of giving respect to cow just for your selfish motive, stop right there. Stop worshipping her and stop being fake towards celebration of cow puja.

Again, another bull was stabbed by national amblem Khukuri. Mr. Arun reported us about him and our team went there straight from Sankhu after the Vaccination campaign. His wound seems deep and painful. Just keep yourself in his shoes and feel his agony. You would have yell and cried in pain. But what about these helpless animals. They cannot even express the agony. Don't they have right to live? You protest and rally for human right. Why not for animal right? Don't you think the feeling that comes for your loved ones should be mutual even for these voiceless? Think twice on this issue so that next time an animal doesn't have to be homeless and suffer badly for no reason, no crime.

Be a creator not the destructor. Do not love animal but do not hurt them too. Please help us help him.

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