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Vaccination program at Sakhu

If you are following our previous posts, then you might have known about the Rabies and Distemper Vaccination Campaign that started back then on 1st September, 2017 at Sakhu along with Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen. The vaccination continued on 4th September on three areas of Sakhu namely Epatole, Suntole and Salinadi Chowk. The number of dogs vaccinated with Rabies Vaccine were 50 and the same number of dogs were vaccinated with Distemper Vaccine. The cooperation that the locals provided is commendable. We not only vaccinated the dogs but also did treatment of few wounded dogs as we found them on the spot. Awareness programme was also done to the locals by our team members and there were attentive group of people who we hope turn out to be good listeners and act accordingly to the needy dogs.

We are continuing the program till World Rabies Day, 28th September, 2017. If you feel your area is in need of vaccination for the furry, do inform us.

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