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Life can be so cruel sometimes

Sankhu, Kathmandu September 4 2017

Life can be so cruel sometimes. Especially to these innocent beings, who have nothing to do with our lives and enjoy their owns but still due the carelessness and the busy life of some people they don't even care for the lives of others. Yes its another hit and run case. But no, this time we will not be blaming the humans for anything. These creatures have to be cautious about their lives as well. They should learn that the street is not their home, although they have been born, grew up here, lived here for ages. All above these things, the dogs should start moving into the wild now as the human are done getting happiness from the dogs. They should learn that their kind is now no more needed for the benefit of the humans, as a lot of advancement has been brought in our human life and the age that once acknowledged the need of these dogs has now come to an end. So, its better for our human society as well as for these creatures to start having their separate locality in the jungle... Oh wait even the jungles now are thin and the food that they need is out of stock as humans have already cleared "the stocks"...

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