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Do as much as you can for the animals as you can from your side

The month of August has been a hectic month for our team members. Total of 149 dogs was treated by our team out of which 47 dogs were rescued and brought to the shelter and the remaining were on the spot treatment. Among them, skin disease hit and run cases and maggot wounded cases at the top of the list. Besides, cases of distemper, jaundice, acid attack, Ascites, teeth broken dogs, stabbed by the knife are some other cases attained by the vet. We didn’t just attain cases of dogs; two bull calves were also treated by the team including one rescued calf. Besides the rescue, we were able to Spay/Neuter 38 dogs this month.

In addition to this, Vaccination Camp for the skin disease dogs was organized by our team along with YDA (Young Drukpa Association) for four consecutive Saturdays.Total of 50 dogs of Swayambhu was regularly vaccinated during the campaign. The camp was held to prevent and cure skin disease in the dogs of the same area. The campaign successfully ended on August 19th, 2017.

Besides, food relief campaign was held in the same month for the victims of the flood that took place recently in Terai region of Nepal. The flood had devasted all life in terai region of Nepal. Our team reached there and helped as many animal and humans at the same time. We made this journey twice. Rajbiraj, Bairawa, Bhardaha, Tilathi were few places our team was in for the relief.

Don't just rely on us. Do as much as you can for the animals as you can from your side. You can help us helping the needy animals. Donate us.

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