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Your small support can change his life

I was brutally hit by a car and the driver ran away afraid of the consequence or lets say he didn't care for my situation. The accident left me in pain but who would care to provide me any treatment. After all, I am given a harsh name as street dog and who would bother for a stray. Time passed by and somebody came in enlighting a hope in me. It was Sneha's Care that came in for my help. They took me straight to their shelter full of lovely doggies. A vet examined me and did treatment for the tissue coming out of my wound on my head. One of my legs is broken. The thought of the wound and fractured leg itself is painful. Just think how much pain am I going through.

The case was reported to us by Subidha and Rajita from Koteshwor. Sponsor the furry for his treatment.

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