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Treatment of the month of May, 2017

122 Dogs & 2 Cows were medically treated, 203 Dogs were vaccinated in the month of May, 2017 by Team Sneha's. More than 100 dogs were provided with treatment on the spot and rest of the critical cases were brought to the Shelter for further treatment. Even though some of the dogs were in need of Shelter Care, we couldn't take them to the shelter as we are running out of space. We appreciate when people call us to inform about the injured dogs, but please understand that just reporting a rescue is not only a duty of an animal lover. You should help in any means you can, either by Volunteering, Foster home, Adopting Dogs or by Donating. You can always visit our website to know how you can help us. We need your help to rescue more injured and needy animals from the street. If you believe animal deserves better, will you please help Sneha's Care continue rescuing injured animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment.

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