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We need law to stop dogs from suffering

I, like the other worthless dogs have my name(Navy) added up to the lists of those that have been hit, left to die and ran. We dont have rights, we cant fight for rights, we cant talk, we cant share, all we can do is live in fear, pain is something, everyday we bear. Why dont people understand about our feelings, when will they stop with their ruthless killings. I was found in Dallu in a condition that did not seem normal to Laxmi who then reported me to Snehas care. I dont know what is wrong with me, but I know I am in pain, that leaves me shouting and crying. We have her rescused now and under observation trying to figure out her problems. So far, doctors have assumed her to have an internal injury causing her to howl in pain. We are doing everything to soothe her and make sure she gets better soon. And as for the reckless drivers, nothing shall change until and unless we dont give them a reason to fear, that is LAW.

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