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Help these furry for living a better life

I was living a normal street life until one day some group of people came in and conducted surgery on me and few other friends. I couldn't understand what that was for initially. Whatever that was it has now started agonizing a lot. I feel intense pain and feel difficulty time and again. I feel like sharing what I am going through but will any human be able to understand what is wrong with me? Will anyone ever be able to cure it? Or will I be living my abandoned street life with misery I am currently going through or even worst than this?

Ill-fated furry! An organization castrated him some time back which was not conducted well. His private part was dis-positioned and then Miss Jigme Tenzin and Miss Sonam from YDA(Young Dukpa Association) found him in this condition and brought him all the way from White Gumba, Kathmandu. He went through second surgery and his genital part has been positioned in the right place. He will recover in a matter of a week.

Don't ruin a life of an innocent in the name of spaying/neutering. You might have a kind motive but please conduct the surgery carefully.

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