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My owner kept me with him and showed love and affection towards me. But it wasn't for long run. My source of happiness was temporary. I soon turned useless for them. They abandoned me when their selfish motive was fulfiled and they saw no ray of hope that they could achieve through me.

I was left to wonder around the street of Buddhanagar. Everyday I cried remembering my good old days with my owner. Although, I know that those days can't be back, I thrive to get back to my owner despite what he has done to me. Now I have started losing my hair and my weight. I am afraid that I might turn bald. My eyes are filled with rheum and it looks so dirty. With constant stickiness around my eyes, I roam around wagging my tail having gurgling stomach. Some pass away ignoring my presence and some don't bother to look down at me. My presence is in complete vain. Do I look that bad? If I look bad then why don't anyone medicate me.

Mr. Rajiv saw this poor furry and he called us. Our team went there and this handsome creature was given necessary medical treatment. We commiserate his condition and friends if you cannot commit to take care of your pet, better not rear them from the beggining. We request you not to treat them as a child's toy. Furry are sweet and credulous creature and they do have feeling like we do. Please don't hurt them.

Make out time to help others even when you are struggling to fight with your life, helping others make you stronger. Donate today.

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