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Cries left unheard

My condition is pitiable and I don't know why I am suffering this much. Life, being a street dog is uneasy. In fact I was a pet dog not long ago. The owner of mine abandoned me when he found skin disease appearing in me. Of course, I have freedom to walk around. Its not as cool as it sounds. What is the use of that freedom which doesn't give me food and a shelter? I often curse my life to bug off. I have skin problem and it itches a lot. On top of that, I am infected with wound on my leg that too maggot wound. It is too much painful and suffering with all that agony is well too much for me. I cry a lot in agony.

Meanwhile, we were reported about this sweetie by Mr. Ronit Khatiwada from Jorpati, Makalbari. The innocent cutie have been in this area since 5 years and has been taking shelter at a grocery shop. That kind owner of the store doesn't feel bothered about this furry and let him stay day and night. Sounds cute enough. Hats off to that shopkeeper. Mr. Ronit including the shopkeeper and the people around feed him. They are the example of tender-hearted animal lovers who are rarely found. Our team went there and gave proper medication to him. We will follow up this case in the coming days as well.

Ronald Reagan,"We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone."

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