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Life of a street dog

People are expert at naming me as street dog, stray and so on. If a pet was suffering, they would have uncountable sleepless nights. But do they even care when I am dying out of pain? I was going through a sensation of something moving on my paws. I can say confidently that something is not good. Day after day, my foot started getting worst. Now stupor has reached the peak. I am finding it hard to digest the pain as motion of my leg is obstructed.

Sooner or later, I am providential that I managed to enter a house. There was a sweet lady who gave me some food when I was thriving to eat. I was been taken care of. One day two people came and they observed my situation. They cleaned my wound and used some medicine over there. To my surprise, they took out some maggots out of my wound. It was some kind of pain when they used the medicine but eventually, day by day after some interval whenever these people came and repeat the same process over my wound, I felt relief. I am pleased that my wound is healing. I am thankful to the nice lady Mrs Tejashree Sharma and the people with red t-shirt to gave me proper treatment.

Make your life meaningful by being helpful for these innocent and credulous creatures.

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