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Do pray for his recovery

Is being stray dog my fault? Why did I become a victim of hit and run? The driver drove in rush and did his job of hitting me badly. Didn't even turned back to see my condition. I have become a dead body with few breath remaining. My legs are fractured. I can't even move. I have started to smell bad and I can't do anything about it.

Luckily, kind hearted and animal lover Miss Arati Humagain and her father, Mr Modanath Humagai found me lying there. They didn't wait for a second and took me to a dog shelter on their motorbike. The bike stopped right infront of Sneha's Care. Some people came and observed my condition. They took me inside the shelter and gave some medication to me.

This impecunious and ill-starred furry is in severe condition. All he needs is your tons of pray.

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