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Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is commonly seen in streets. But have you ever tried to figure out what can be the reasons behind this? You either enjoy seeing them fighting or completely ignore it. At worse, throw a stone at them to sweep them away without thinking about the pain that they will go through.

Dogs who haven't been spayed/neutered fight as spayed and neutered dogs are less likely to bite and the female dogs who haven't been spayed attract a large number of male dogs which is the prominent reason of dog fight. Similarly, dogs might fight when they see a new dog entering their area. They stay at a territory and if any new dog enters that area, they can't tolerate them and start fighting. Another reason is that if a person give food to dogs and in the competition to eat the food, they fight over them as food might not be enough for all the dogs. Likewise, dogs that have not been properly socialized with other dogs may fight them out of fear, or be attacked for their rude and aggressive behavior.

This furry in the photo below is a victim of dog fight. He has wound and injury out of dog fight. Poor one! At least he is fortunate enough that his case was reported to us by Mr Trilochan from Dhapasi. Our rescue team without losing a single second hasten to the spot and gave proper medical treatment to him. We will follow-up to ensure his recovery.

It's always risky to intervene a dog fight, but still you can spay/neuter a dog to prevent it. When you give food to a furry friend make sure that you are not inviting a dog fight. If you want to help us set up a world where all these unimpeachable creatures are properly medicated in and outside the shelter, DONATE today.

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