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You won't change the world but helping a dog but you will surely change world of that particular

Humanity is all dead that is what left to say. A dog digs a hole in front of a shop and then someone throws acid at her at Baudha, Tusal as per the witness. Lucky didi used to feed this dog one meal a day and suddenly the next day this happened. After the inquiry, it was a shopkeeper who threw acid on her and the man is disappeared from the day. We really appreciate Miss Mamta Tamang who brought this furry all the way to our shelter.

The so called rationale has lost his sense. The dog can't distinguish between right and wrong. But criminal at least could have distinguished right from wrong. One moment of anger and the aftermath has to be faced by the innocent life. Is this justifiable? That deed is completely unforgiven.

Chill run through our spine when we saw her vulnerable wound. She was groaning when we touched her. You can imagine what she is going through.

Thomas Alba Edison rightly said, "Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution until we stop harming all other living beings we are all savages". Think twice before its too late and your existence itself is in danger.

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