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You might have seen people dying out of malnutrition. Here is a furry in dreadful situation. She is suffering from malnutrition and her bones are easily visible from outside. Seems life she is thriving from hunger since a long time. She looks at us with her innocent eyes as if she is asking for us to help her. Our team couldn't see her in such a condition and rescued her immediately from Sovahiti, Lalitpur. She was reported to us by Gita Rana as she couldn't leave her that way. As per the observation of our vet, she is severely dehydrated. Lice and ticks has been adversely itching her. She has no fault. The only problem is that people ignore her as she is a street dog. Consequently, she is malnourished and severely dehydrated. Had it been a breed dog, would you let it die and not give her food to eat or live a miserable life? Would you reduce your love and concern for your pet dog? Obviously not.

Treat every dog equally. Breed doesn't matter. If you start loving a dog then even a local breed will appear appealing and admiring to you.

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