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Perception and willingness to let a street dog lead a better life can definitely change their world.

Maggot wound is caused when there is open wound and eggs of adult flies hatch into larvae stage; these larvae feed on the wound causing the wound to get deeper. If the maggot wound is not cured in time then this might take away the life of these innocent life.

We have been posting about maggot wound case time and again. Here is yet another case of maggot wound and this time extremely critical. This furry was in dreadful condition. The situation is hard to digest. His head is injured with maggot wound. Down to hell is his condition and he is deeply suffering. He had been fore-bearing ache. He was noticed by Mr Prasanna Singh and Mr. Megh Bahadur Basnet. We rescued him yesterday morning. The condition is severe and hard to watch. He is under observation of our vet. Hope his life be secured and the circumstances doesn't get worst than this.

Such wounded furry friends need our love and care. Please don't sweep them away. Instead try to heal their wound.

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