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Being the voice for the voiceless can make their life worthy. So, why not try it out.

It's heart throbbing to see a furry in a situation like this. He is destitute and suffering extremely. His eyes are red and he is unable to open them. Seems like a dead body. Only the ray of hope left is his breath. Badly off skin and the whole face with feces of maggot even inside his mouth. He seems to have been forbearing the ache and disease. His life is down at hell. Miserably starving and dehydrating body was what left with him. A tender hearted person would not be able to see him. Chauni area, Kathmandu appears to be a place of devotees and soft hearted people. Four concerned and kind hearted people namely Miss Tenzing, Mr. Dipesh, Mr. Sandip and Mr. Krishna reported us same day about this broken down creature. It's good to know that such group of perturbed animal lover exist today. Our ambulance reached this pleasing place and rescued the one's beam-ends life. Our vet treated him with proper medication. His wretched body can't be treated all of a sudden but our hope to heal him with proper treatment in days to come is alive.

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