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Hit and run cases every day.

We get agitated when repeatedly we get informed about hit and run case every day. How could someone be so heartless to not see an innocent life on the road? Life of such strays is getting difficult day by day. It's not safe for them to be on the road.

Fortunately, Mr. Pawan Katwal saw the dog lying with blood on the road at Pepsicola, Kathmandu. He felt pity for the dog and informed us immediately. Even our team got devasted seeing the dog at the spot. His bleeding didn't stop even when he was boarded to the ambulance by our team. We did X-ray of the dog and found that the bones of his left hind limb were broken. Poor thing, how much might he have been and still suffering. He is rescued and brought to our shelter.

Surgery is always expensive. Your support can make him walk and happy again.

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