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"This dog is the protector or to be specific a guard of Uma Maheshwor, Lalitpur-14. In the presence of this strong and competent dog, no outside dog could harm the community. Even thieves/robbers are controlled in this area due to this furry." expressed Mr. Achyut, local of Lalitpur-14. He and other locals are very attached to this bold four footed. The members of this area take him as a pistol of the place. Having no doubt in his leadership ability while he was on his job to invade the outside dogs to prevent them from entering Uma Maheshwar area, he got injured in his eyes. All the inhabitants were surprised to see him injured. A representative from the area, Mr. Achyut informed us about him in the early morning. The only solution to control dog fight is spaying/neuter the dogs. Our rescue team visited the area to see his condition and gave a proper line of medication and treatment to him.

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