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Imagine insects, ticks & fleas and maggot wound at the same time in your body.

A soft-hearted lady couldn't see this puppy with pain and reported us about this incident but the condition of the puppy was so so bad that she was not noticed by anyone else till this afternoon. How can it be? This cutie has ticks and fleas in large amount which no one would have ever seen in any creature. We rescued her all the way from Jadibuti, Kathmandu and gave her a good shower and also used medicine for ticks and fleas. Most of the ticks are dead and very few are remaining in her body. She has a maggot wound on her ear as well and we will have to remove or repair the ear. We are very happy to see her sleeping so sound. This might be her first quality sleep in her life. Help us treat this charming puppy recover soon. A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given necessary medical treatment.

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