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Reckless driver left a puppy to die

While some inhumane creature are busy showing their recklessness in driving and leaving a dog to die. We can still feel that some people take the essence of helping the four footed. Obviously, helping the dog in need should come from within the heart and today morning we encountered two people of such kind. They found a puppy outside a hospital groaning in pain out of hit and run case. So, they couldn't leave it in that situation and immediately without having a second thought, brought her our shelter all the way from Chabahil, Kathmandu. They appeared as an angel sent by god to help this furry friend. This baby dog is lucky to have been rescued by them. Consequently, our doctor treated this lovely creature by dressing and bandaging her. We are very much thankful to Mr. Sabir Shakya and Miss Rusha Shakya for bringing this charming puppy to the shelter.

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