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HELP US HELP THEM Almost 30 Cows are still alive and fighting to relieve their pain. More than 80 cows died and more than 30 cows sustained burn injuries after a fire tore through a cattle farm in Gokarneshwor, Kathmandu. Our team has been helping the injured cows since Day 1 and visiting there every day for medication. We have been doing what we can and we are in need of many medicines as the treatment must be ongoing for as many days till the cows are recovered. Following are the medicines we need:- RL Saline, Protein Saline, Antibiotics, Antiseptic Ointment, Gloves, Masks, Syringe, IV line, Electrolyte and some other medicines. You can help us financially as well to buy medicines for the treatment. Below is, where you can DONATE us, if you cannot support financially, you can volunteer us and spread the word by SHARING

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