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We have been receiving many calls from Thecho, Lalitpur for rescuing injured dogs but we could not go there and rescue those injured dogs sinc last year as we were told by one of the working Organisation of Kathmandu, not to go to Thecho to rescue dogs as they were taking care of all the dogs from that area. Ms. Romi Lama a genuine dog lover informed us about more than 200 dogs that were not spayed/neuter in Thecho village. We started this mission from yesterday and was able to catch 18 dogs last evening in just an hour. Those caught dogs were spayed/neutered this afternoon and we will be leaving them back in the community after 4 days. Our team will be heading tomorrow to catch more dogs for next scheduled surgery. This project will be done throughout the month of June 2017. Thanks to Ms. Romi Lama for always loving the voiceless and being their voice. As everyone must be aware that 80% of the expenses of Sneha's Care is covered by our Founder Ms. Sneha Shrestha, hence we request everyone to help us in every way you can. Donate today.

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