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I wasn't born blind

I wasn't born blind, I was among the lucky ones to be blessed with visibility to praise the beauty of everything around me until on an unfortunate day I suffered from CATARACT (a condition in which a part of your eye called the lens becomes cloudy and you cannot see well). Since then nothing remained the same, I was reminded every day and hour that only the strongest survive. Every day with my disability was a struggle, struggle for food, for love. But like every dark cloud has a silver lining so did I have one, a soul with a loving heart, a feeding hand and not just a praying hand, a light of hope in my dark world. We have been informed about the poor dog by Mr. Rajesh from Manamaiju who recently has been taking good care of the dog. These kinds of human acts help us help them and move on with what we are dreaming for the betterment of those voiceless animals.

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