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Heart crushing and painful

Quite often we stumble across incidents that leave us in surprise and tears. Nothing is as heart crushing as living with the thought of loosing something and someone you love, and more painful when there is nothing you can do to help. We recently added a new family member in our home, as innocent as an angle, friendly and joyful but horrified living with a tumor so dreadful enough to take her life anytime. We wish we could read their mind, the pain they experience, listen to what they have to share, our heart pounds every minute wishing to hear their cries maybe we could have helped her too if we were to do so. By the time Roshan Lama informed us about her suffering and we got her the aid, we realized we were already too late to help her, no medicines no surgeries can do her any good now, but helps us strive even harder every time we look at her hopefully eyes. We don't know how long will she make it but we sure do know no matter how long she has, we shall do everything to ease her and make her believe it's not the end yet.

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