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17 Dead Bodies of Dogs Buried Respectfully

Dear Animal Lovers, This is so sad that many bodies of dead dogs were thrown in the hill of Chovar. Some groups/organization & person are using the photos via our Facebook page and blaming individuals, breeders, kennel clubs, clinics, organizations & governments needlessly. The primary accused are the DOG OWNERS themselves who just paid an unidentified person to bury the body without being present while burying. The second offender is the individuals who encouraged the dog owners that they will be burying the dog respectfully and instead dumped the dog to minimize the cost and efforts. Please do not blame anyone for this concerns and do not use these photos for promoting yourself or groups. Aforementioned is what happened:- Day 1 - Team Sneha's saw those dead bodies while feeding the strays in that area in the afternoon. Day 2 - Team Sneha's have respectfully buried those bodies this morning approx at 8:00 AM. Including the bodies hanging in the trees, the total number of dead bodies were 17. The investigation is ongoing, and the accused will be punished. Dog owners, please bury your furry friends in your presence when they leave this world. Do not leave the dead bodies for someone to bury. If this happens, we won't get to see the same situation again.

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