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More than 20 Dead body of breed dogs found

More than 15 dead bodies of breed dogs were found on the hillside of Chobar. We really don't know who threw these bodies there. Many suspicions but not sure how these bodies were there. Most of the dogs seem like they were dead because of diseases as few of them were seen with bandage and Canola for saline. Some of the bodies are stinking already as they might have been thrown from many days. Anyone whose dogs are dead in the past few days and if you have called some kennel clubs, clinics or any type of dog center, and if the dogs in the photos are yours, do let us know so that we can find out who is throwing these bodies instead of respectfully burying them. Our Team will be burying these dogs respectfully in the morning. If you are the owner of the dog, you can join us in the morning at 7:00 AM.

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