Name: MERI

Age: 4 months

Color: Brownish black/white mix

Sex: Female 

About me: Except for Sneha’s Care team, none had hopes of me surviving. I suffered from a traumatic inguinal hernia where most of my vital organs were popping out from my abdomen to the subcutaneous layer. “Complicated right??”. Yes, it was risky to undergo surgery but as soon as my temperature got stable, the surgery was performed which turned out to be a success. Thanks to Sneha’s Care for the treatment and my generous informers who brought me to the shelter. 

Why adopt/sponsor me: Being run over by a bulky vehicle at such a young age and surviving is no less than a miracle. I would have died a painful death if I was unable to get the treatment on time. I had difficulty walking but now I am absolutely fine. Though we do not have a long life span, we even desire to live a happy and peaceful life. I am enjoying my day-to-day life in the shelter but as I am just 4 months old, I even want to be called someone’s family member so would you like to adopt me?? You can take care of my monthly expenses by providing me funds by becoming my sponsor. I am positive towards all the kind-hearted people who will definitely support me.  

Sponsor Me