Name: Kumar

Age: 6 years

Color: Cream white

Sex: Male

About me: Hi! My name is Kumar and I am the victim of a hit-and-run case. I used to live in the streets nearby Mediciti Hospital. I used to walk by dragging my hind limbs since they were not working. My condition was critical and maybe quite pitiful for the people who saw me, which could have been why they would feed me out of sympathy. One day while it was raining heavily and I was soaked in rain, a person saw me and took out his phone to take my video. I did not realize it at that time, but he was calling Sneha’s Care for my rescue. After a few hours, I was brought to a shelter.

Why adopt/sponsor me: As soon as I was brought to the shelter, I was kept under medication in the hope that I might be able to walk again. With continuous treatment and observation, miracles were happening in my life as I started to walk slowly. Even though I had lost all my hope, Sneha’s Care team is so hopeful and determined to help me recover. Not for me, but they are like this towards every animal like me. Through their spirit, I believe that I can recover completely and I want to run and play normally like my other furry friends once that happens. Though it might take time, I am full of hope. Does anybody want to support me in my journey of living a normal life? You can sponsor me or, if you want me as one of your family members, I would love to play and be with you as your family too.

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