Name: Kilo

Age: 5 years

Color: Black

Sex: Male

About me: I don’t know how the name ‘Kilo’ stuck to me but I like the way it sounds when someone calls me by my name. I come running, wagging my tail and drooling everywhere, expecting some treats or play time. My favorite treats are biscuits and I get too excited everytime I hear the sizzle of the plastic wrapper of a pack of biscuits. Nothing gets me more going than biscuits. People are amazed how passionate I am about eating biscuits.

Why Adopt/Sponsor me: My whole body was covered in bitumen from a road construction site, when the team found me. I looked black and sticky. I accidently slipped and rolled over freshly made bitumen and it was all over my body. It was a horrid scene with tar attached to my fur and body. Noticing my condition, the locals may have contacted Sneha’s care and I was rescued from there. It took a lot of time for the team rid every little bit of bitumen from my body. But their resilience to cure my situation inspired me to endure as it was a very agonizing process. It took time but I was clear of the black tar. I lost most of fur in the process and my skin was dark and black. With proper and consistent medical support, I was able to make a recovery. Now I am back to my healthy self.

There are around 170 dogs at the shelter and we are all in search of loving home or sponsorship. My warm nature and cuteness make me quite eligible for adoption. I only ask a pack of biscuits from time to time. Will you help me find a home??

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