Name: Jethi 

Age:  4 years

Color: Black, White & Brown

Sex: Female

About me: Moooooo! This is Jethi. I am a hit and run survivor with two of my forelimbs not functioning fully. I may be physically challenged but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my life here at the shelter. It is difficult for me to move myself, however with my baby calf and other farm buddies, I am really happy here. I am one of the favorites of the shelter team too, as everyone comes and interacts with me. I am always offered fruits and veggies as treats. 

Why Sponsor me: Kathmandu’s roads are one of the most dangerous in the world with reckless, ignorant drivers, who are always in a hurry. One such driver disregarded my presence on the road and struck me with their heavy vehicle, seriously injuring both my front legs, at Kalanki, Kathmandu. I was laying on the road, moaning, crying with a young calf by my side, who couldn’t even understand what was happening to his mother. Luckily, an empathetic soul reported my condition to Sneha’s Care team and I was rescued from the spot in no time, along with my baby calf. We were brought to Sneha’s Care farm animal sanctuary and instant medical attention was focused towards me but they were not able to save my legs as they were damaged very seriously. Slowly I recovered and regained my strength and got used to my condition. The sanctuary has been a very safe and comfortable space for me and my baby calf to reside in. The chances for me and my calf to go back to the streets and survive are very slim. Being a physically challenged cow, adoption is out of the question. So, considering my situation, will you help me by sponsoring me and supporting the organization?

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