Name: Gorey 

Age: 8 years

Color: Black & White

Sex: Female

About me: Hi! I go by the name Gorey. I sometimes moo loudly in excitement, when called Gorey by my caretaker Maya. Like all residents at the Farm Animal Sanctuary, we adore Maya as she is always there to feed and clean us, no matter what. Despite my friendliness with Maya, I am a shy girl, who likes to be alone. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other’s company but usually I like being with myself, chewing grass and contemplating things. Sometimes I may seem a bit stubborn, as I don’t like being controlled and handled aggressively. Mostly, I like doing things my own way and enjoy staying at my special spot.. 

Why Sponsor me: I was found on the streets of Besigaon, Jorpati; weak, old and struggling to survive. I was barely surviving, scavenging for food on garbage and waste. People around the Jorpati area noticed my condition but nobody bothered to help. A kind hearted animal lover mentioned Sneha’s Care about my degrading condition and they swooped in and rescued me from that area. I was given immediate medical attention and regular, nutritious meals were guaranteed, which was a true blessing for me. It took time but I was able to regain my health. Now I am back to my original self with proper care but my old age has made me unable to go back to the streets. So I reside here at Sneha’s Care sanctuary trying to live out the rest of my life. The team is very generous and cares for me consistently but I feel like I take up a lot of resources. If you wish to help an aging Cow live out the rest of her life in security, do donate and sponsor.

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